Protecting the nation's drinking water supply is a huge responsibility and every customer expects its water utility to be fully prepared for all types of emergencies.

Whether it be an act of Mother Nature or a malevolent act caused by a vandal, criminal or terrorist, water utilities need to have an effective Emergency Response Plan in place. Water is a life-sustaining resource that is used daily for drinking, cooking, showering, flushing toilets and fighting fires. Without it public health and safety diminish rapidly.

MHS Consulting Services specializes in developing and updating water utility Emergency Response Plans. These plans are critical to the safety of our cities and communities and water utilities have a responsibility to implement a thorough plan, keep it updated and periodically test it with exercises and drills.

Water System Managers: Contact MHS Consulting Services today for an estimate to cost-effectively update your water utility's Emergency Response Plan. Being properly prepared for emergencies protects your customers who depend on you each and every day!

“Your Security Is Only As Good As Your Planning”